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Quality Eyeglass Lenses in Toronto, Ontario



We feature a quality selection of fashionable eyeglasses and premium lenses. Serving the Toronto area, our office is conveniently located at 3220 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario, M4N-2L2, so it’s easy to stop by and benefit from our exceptional vision products.

Our optical staff looks forward to helping you select the best eyewear for your vision prescription, lifestyle requirements, and unique fashion taste! Eyeglasses need to give you sharp vision and a flattering look for your face.

All patients, new and returning, are treated with patience and no pressure to reach a hasty decision. Superior customer service is our goal, and we want you to be thrilled with your eyewear and your experience in our Toronto office!

Exceptional Eyeglass Lens Services

ZEISS Lenses Are Tailor-Made To Meet All Individual Requirements

In today’s world, more and more people choose a different way of life and they tend to look for more suitable products - usually tailor-made solutions.

ZEISS Lenses deliver best natural vision in any situation.

  • Visual needs are linked to the wearer’s lifestyle
  • No two people are the same – individuals have different anatomy whilst their style and visual preferences are closely linked to their way of life.
  • Lenses that suit both to the wearer’s physiology and their main daily activities

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Essilor International is a French company with headquarters based in Paris. 

The Essilor Group has put its expertise at the service of good vision in designing, manufacturing and distributing quality products and services through innovative business models. Today they provide solutions to correct and protect the visual health of the 7.4 billion people in the world.

Essilor grew out of Essel and Silor, two companies whose origins date back to 1849 and 1931. For this new brand, created in 1972, they bequeathed a priceless legacy: an entrepreneurial spirit that has enabled the company to be consistently ahead of its time. Essilor’s culture is inspired by innovation that guides the work of its teams, allowing them to continue developing solutions that change lives.

Thanks to its innovation capability and R&D investments, Essilor invented the first progressive lens, Varilux® lenses, the market reference today. Essilor also created Crizal®, a lens coating that combines protection from reflections, scratches, smudge, dust, water, UV rays, and blue-violet light.

Recognized by vision health professionals, Essilor’s products aim to bring comfort and protection to spectacle wearers. The brand works directly with experienced eyecare professionals who are dedicated to serving their clients through advising and helping them choose the most adapted products. Through precise measurement and fitting, they help to optimize lens performance.

Innovating in ophthalmic optics is all about continually meeting new challenges in optical design, materials and lens coatings. For Essilor, real innovation brings direct benefits to people. That’s why wearers are always at the heart of its priorities.

It’s through this commitment to research that Essilor has developed Varilux®, Eyzen™, Xperio® or Optifog® – products that bring a combination of cutting-edge technologies.


We know that the anatomical and lifestyle needs of children, as well as their lens fitting parameters, may differ from those of adults. That’s why now is time for the next generation of MyoVision ®Lenses by ZEISS, specially designed for children. 

ZEISS MyoVision design applies the principles of Peripheral Defocus Management: the correction of the peripheral “hyperopic shift” affecting myopic eyes sends a signal to the eye to reduce the progression of eye elongation, which can result in the reduction of myopia progression.

  • ZEISS MyoVision DesignApplies the principles of Peripheral Defocus Management for the control of hyperopic peripheral defocus in spectacle lenses.
  • ZEISS AgeFit Junior TechnologySpecially designed for children - The freeform optical design is optimized for myopic children (position of wear and anatomy).

The benefits for the wearer

  • Specially designed for children's anatomy and lifestyle
  • Specific design with the goal of reducing myopia progression
  • Easy, simple and child-friendly adaptation

Anti-Stress Lenses

In today's day and age, we live in an overloaded society. Many brands of eyeglasses have come out with AF lenses, anti-fatigue lenses. These lenses can be used for all tasks, not just working on the computer. AF lenses are available as single vision, progressives, presbyopes, and pre-presbyopes.

Computer Lenses

Working at a computer for a long period of time can cause eye strain and blurred vision. Computer screens give off Blue Light, which can cause eye fatigue. There are many brands that make computer glasses. They can have different designs (progressive, single vision, bifocal...), and different tints and coatings. At the end of the day, all computer glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light. 


Driven by a passion for innovation and development, Hoya Vision is constantly moving boundaries. By use of extensive research and cutting-edge technology, we provide tailored optimized experiences – both for the eye care professional and the spectacle wearer.

Whether you’re an eye care professional or a spectacle wearer, it’s all about constantly refining their processes and products for providing the very best services and products. Products and services that really improve the way you see life. 

All of their lenses are produced with freeform surfacing. The main benefit of this lens technology is that they can consider the lens surface as a series of individual points. They then cut each of these points – at the pixel level – along multiple axes. Such precision means that they can optimize each lens for every prescription. They can even incorporate frame, fitting and wearing parameters into the lens calculation. The result is a highly personalized lens, every time. 

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